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Now accepting year 11 and 12 enrolments

For specialist HSC science tuition, there’s simply no comparison.

As a practising doctor with over five years of clinical experience – and ten years guiding almost a thousand students towards their goals – I know exactly what it takes to ace the HSC and hammer out your desired future.

I believe strongly in bringing teaching back to basics: an energetic and interactive classroom with student participation and discussion, in an environment of real academic rigour and healthy competition.

I know how deeply important it is to break down difficult concepts and make them accessible and understandable to students.

And I am excited to share my tailored insights into maximising your HSC performance – insights which helped me score a 99.95 ATAR, graduate as dux of James Ruse Agricultural High School with two NSW state ranks, and forge my pathway to a Doctor of Medicine.

I look forward to guiding you to academic success.

Dr Nikhil Vasan
BSc(Adv) MD (Syd.)
99.95 ATAR
Head Teacher and Academic Director

‘No concept is too difficult to understand, no goal impossible to attain. What really matters is who you have teaching you.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dr Vasan’s qualifications?

Dr Vasan graduated as the dux of James Ruse Agricultural High School, with a 99.95 ATAR and two state ranks in the sciences. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and Doctor of Medicine as a graduate of the University of Sydney’s double-degree medicine program. Dr Vasan has spent ten years guiding students to success in HSC science and mathematics at a major Sydney tutoring firm, where he held the position of Academic Director.

In addition to his decade of experience tutoring in the sciences, Dr Vasan is a currently practising medical doctor and was recently a neurosurgical registrar at Westmead Hospital.

Are all classes taught by Dr Vasan?

Yes all classes are taught by Dr Vasan.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes. We offer a commitment-free two-week trial, where you can try out as many subjects as you wish. The only upfront cost is a $55.00 administration fee. If you decide to continue, the cost of these two weeks will be included in your first invoice.